Types of Pronouns 代名詞の種類 ―👉―#つぶやき英単語 1290


英語の Pronoun 代名詞の種類まとめました。

 ・Personal pronoun 人称代名詞
    Nominative case 主格 ( I you he they it など )
    Possesive case 所有格 ( my your his their itsなど)
    Objective case 目的格 ( me you him them it など)
 ・Possessive pronoun 所有代名詞 ( mine ours yours theirsなど)
 ・Reflexive pronoun 再帰代名詞  ( myself yourself themselves など)
 ・Demonstrative pronoun 指示代名詞 ( this that these those )
 ・Reciprocal pronoun 相互代名詞 ( each other one another )
 ・Indefinite pronoun 不定代名詞 ( one some any all each both )
 ・Interrogative pronoun 疑問代名詞 ( who whose whom what which )
 ・Relative pronoun 関係代名詞 ( who which that what など )



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