Welcome International Readers!

Hello! I’m Captain Zuka(Zuka隊長).
Welcome to my blog site 「Zuka隊長のつぶやき英単語-気になる英語調べ隊」.

 The contents of this site are my writings, basically in Japanese, about English expressions I find interesting. The original purpose of this site is to share my findings as an English learner with other English learners in Japan.

I have written about English expressions and the counterparts in Japanese, and about the difference and similarity in the both expressions. At times, I make a consideration on the difficult and interesting aspects of English words and expressions from the viewpoint of a Japanese speaker.

Come to think of it, these may be useful to English speakers who are interested in Japanese language. And they may also be helpful for English teachers who have Japanese students.

All of them are short Japanese articles about English, so I would be happy if you could read them casually.
At least they contain English words, idioms and example sentences, so you may be able to understand the content there.

I am still learning English, so I may have written something wrong about English.
I would be grateful for your kind advice on those points.

Thanks for reading.